Train thoughts

Three hours (and four minutes) from Sheffield to London on board an East Midlands train would maim anyone through boredom. But with two kids in tow, it’s a killer. And the scenery isn’t exactly riveting through Leicestershire: power stations, wet fields and dirty horses. Then, to add insult to injury, you end up in Bedfordshire, which seems like some sort of post apocalyptic wasteland.
Suddenly, Leicestershire seems picturesque.
There’s a tip for the Leicestershire Tourist Board, right there. Compare yourself with Luton.

Still, as with many places in the UK, there’s free, fast wifi on  board, so the kids are kept amused watching NatGeo videos. Although, there are only so many NatGeo videos you can watch before you get tired of watching NatGeo videos.

There’s a French Bulldog just across the aisle from us. It’s off to a French Bulldog meet in London. It has its own Instagram account. It’s standing on the table that people need to eat their food off. Ugh.

Nearly there now. Just passing through St Albans. Also nicer than Luton. I’m going to go and help my daughter colour in Spiderman now, so I’ll be back later. Sorry for the rambling, but it was surely worth it for that Leicestershire tourism tip. Right?

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