Track that poo

Recently defaecated? I bet you don’t know where your faeces are now, do you?
(I can’t believe I’m writing this.)

Well, thanks to the power of the internet, you can track your poo using flush tracker, which will tell you exactly where your number twos are now.

So there you have it. Something to keep you occupied next time you drop the kids off at the pool.
Maybe you even want to have a race with a friend.  Please don’t tell us about it.

Sadly, I have reason to doubt its accuracy as I just tracked a dummy poo going up a 1:6 hill at 4.28mph (6.88kph) from my parents’ house in Sheffield.

There is a good reason behind this useful initiative, of course:  raising awareness for World Toilet Day, which is actually quite important and not at all funny.

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  1. I know that this probably isn’t the response you were looking for, but thank you SO much for this! I will definitely use it in my class next year with my Gd 11s, who study waste water treatment.

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