Tower view

One here for Mr Brian Micklethwait of BrianMicklethwaitDotCom fame who is a big fan of the Strata Tower – or at least a big fan of taking photographs of it (see here, here, here and more recently here).
But despite his best efforts, not even Brian has got a pic from this angle (AFAIK, anyway):

Bigger here.

Borrowed (without permission, nogal) from these guys (who do plenty of stuff without permission too, it seems) and who have some spectacular examples of long exposure photography of London (and elsewhere) along with some amazing tales of derring do (and in some cases, some of derring don’t).

I must say, I’ve never really though of trespass as a hobby before and I can’t bring myself to agree with it. I can, however, appreciate some of the fantastic photographic results and the images of otherwise secret history that their naughtiness generates.

On a personal note, I was much touched by this pic, from this post, which reminded me of this place, which used to be here.

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