Tourists not eaten by sharks

Three tourists who drowned when the shark-cage diving boat they were on capsized off Gansbaai were not eaten by sharks, much to the disappointment of the South African media. This unfortunate lack of an incident turned this potentially sensational and tourism-damaging crowd-puller into no more than a run-of-the-mill tragic accident story

Chairperson of the Great White Shark Protection Foundation, Mariette Hopley, said the shark-cage diving boat had anchored just before a freak wave capsized the boat around 10:00 on Sunday.

One of the people swept off the boat was caught underneath the boat and had to be retrieved by divers. The divers took the man to the mainland where paramedics managed to get a faint pulse, but were unable to revive him. He was certified dead.
The other two men were found drowned at sea and their bodies were retrieved.

A spokesperson for the South African Independent Press Association* stated:

This is a terrible and upsetting incident for all concerned – especially our photographers, who have really missed out on this one. Here is a story which could have boosted website hits, viewer and reader numbers across our country’s media and due to a complete lack of shark activity, we’ve just got a few drownings.
And this in the self-proclaimed “Great White Capital of The World”
How are we supposed to sell that? It’s a disaster.

It’s sad that firstly I feel so ambivalent about these 3 tourists dying; secondly, I’m more concerned about the potential damage it may do to the country’s tourism than what it means to their friends and families; and thirdly that I have so little trust in the South African press.

Maybe I’m more South African than I thought.

Too many times I have seen speculation reported as fact and actually quite dull news stories blown out of all proportion in order to sell newspapers or gain a few extra website visitors. Because of course, thanks to that wonderful thing called human nature, the gorier the story (especially when you can get pictures too), the more people want to read it. We humans are nice like that. And the press know it and they use it.

So forgive my cynicism when it comes to those reporters rushing to sleepy Gansbaai yesterday lunchtime, but I really don’t believe that they got what they were hoping for.

Ag, shame.

* An organisation which I just made up

10 thoughts on “Tourists not eaten by sharks

  1. hanlie – Thanks. But you’ve seen right through me.

    SheBee – Serious side to the story, sadly.

    Ginormous Boobs – This is SA – they have plenty of fodder.

  2. I only saw the headlines on lampposts so asked my brother for details.

    He relayed the story the reporters wish they could have written. He had me going for about 10 minutes with gore and stuff. Until he started laughing and had to tell the truth.

    Just as well he is not a reporter.

  3. Goblin – Er.. yeah. Watch me during the Lions rugby tour and guess again.

    Pamela – Your brother is a sicko. (So he could be a reporter).

    Emil – Correct. Totally correct.

  4. Sadly, i clicked on your link , but even more sad. I actually read it! What a sheer waste of time! No, they did not get eaten by sharks, but as a long time friend of one of the victims, i have to say im glad. Its hard to enough to loose some unexpectedly, its even more traumatic to loose them in a horrific manner. But if your “fishing” for a good story, maybe you should go on that great white adventure…without the cage 🙂

  5. Shame on sharks! Why don’t they contribute to the countries wealth… maybe american meat doesn’t smell well 🙂

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