Tough questions

I’ve somehow ended up watching Tipping Point on TV this evening.

It’s a quiz show, but I have to say that the questions aren’t exactly taxing. I’ve just had to watch the contestants struggle with the rather difficult:

When written in the English language…

(It’s a British show full of British people, by the way.)

…how many of the four seasons…

(They had to remind them that there were four.)

…begin with the letter S?

I was amazed at Carole’s speed at hitting the buzzer, if slightly less impressed at her answer of “one”.
Clearly, in her haste, she’d forgotten about Summer and Sautumn.

Right, I would write more, but my mind is otherwise occupied with this vexing puzzle which has just been thrown out there:

Which three letter word is another word for frozen water?

Fortunately, I’m not playing the game in the studio like the poor contestants, so I’m going to fire Google up and see if it can help.