Toronto Skyline

I’ve never been to Toronto, but if I had, I wouldn’t have climbed up the Burano Tower. Interestingly, the guys from SilentUK have been to Toronto, and they did climb up the Burano Tower. However, even they drew the line at climbing up the crane on the top of the Burano Tower.

While the majority of a crane is designed for a person to access safely, the jib is not. There is no safety rail, no ladder, and the beams supporting the structure are at an unnatural distance from each other. Even on the ground, this would be an awkward climb, but suspended over 55 floors in the air? I wouldn’t even attempt it.

Their companion did pop up the crane though, resulting (as ever on that site) in some quite amazing photos:

Let’s remember that the crane jib in question STARTS more than 50 floors (or 163m) up. Mental!

Every part of my body was screaming at me, telling me what he was doing was insane, to stop him. My mind was looking at the situation, comparing it with what I felt was safe, what I felt was achievable, and yelling no! I was nervous, my palms were sweaty and I genuinely feared for his safety. It was a split sensation of being amazed and sick at the same time. Just one slip, one loss of grip and it would be all over.

There are some more photos here, but you may want to sit down and take a deep breath before you view them.

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