Top Tip: After playing football

SAVE TIME on telling people which specific bits of you are hurting after playing football by hurting all over, and thus simply using the word “everything”.

I really enjoyed our win on Tuesday evening, and I ran around all over the place doing my best headless chicken impersonation. (3.2km, max HR 179, avg HR 149, max speed 19.7kph). But I am paying for it a little now.

It’s no big deal. The fact that it’s taken 36 hours to manifest just shows that I need a bit more fitness before I can start to recover more quickly. And that’s always on the way, so I’m not concerned. But a bit of a rest day seems like a good idea today. It wasn’t like I felt like running in the rain anyway.

Back to it tomorrow though, with the plan to not feel quite as broken this time next week.

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