Too much

I do enjoy summer here in the Cape, but today was too much.

My English enzymes can’t cope in these sorts of temperatures and have to be cooled and revived with a special mixture of Castle Milk Stout and Castle Milk Stout. The first four didn’t seem to get through, but after another four I fell into the pool and felt much better.

Later, we headed to the beach with the rest of Cape Town and enjoyed the sea breeze and our square metre of sand, most of which was dug up by Alex and deposited on his sister.
The place quietened down as the sun ducked behind the mountains and the temperature suddenly plummeted to a chilly 34°C and we headed home to the beer fridge.

NOTE: Already been asked several times: this temperature was outside, in the shade, out of the (slight) breeze.
We were happy at 34-35°C, then it suddenly leapt to this peak and then dropped back to 38°C after about 10 minutes.
Cape Town weather is weird.

4 thoughts on “Too much

  1. It sounds fantastic. I have cranked all my heaters on full and am simulating my own little heatwave but skipping the milk stout. It was -8 in Leamington last night.
    .-= Po´s last blog ..What a struggle. =-.

  2. Po > Where’s the fun if you skip the Milk Stout?

    Jacques > At 4:30pm. It was the wife’s idea. She drove (I was all crashed out on Milk Stout). Kids had a ball. And then we sat in the traffic with the aircon on afterwards. Actually not that bad!

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