Too much plywood

Not much time to blog this evening due to an afternoon of beer and braai and an evening of tidying and repairs after 5 small whirlwinds (average age 3.2) whirlwound through the house.

So a quick recommended site post, because this one is always amusing but actually made me LOL this week. And I mean LOL as in making me actually LOL.

Stare all he might, he couldn’t wrap his head around how to panel the interior of the fridge with plywood.

This is from Unhappy Hipsters – the site which exposes the agonising dilemmas of those who choose to dabble in high-end architecture as their way of life. And it’s brilliant.

Meanwhile (on a completely unrelated note) if you’re going to quit your job, do it in style:

A JetBlue flight attendant got into an altercation with a passenger on the tarmac at JFK today. In a fit of rage, he activated the plane’s inflatable emergency slide, slid out, and stormed off the job.

Obviously, not all of us work on aircraft, so what would be your personal dramatic quitting move. Mine would almost certainly involve TB and be bad news for all present.

3 thoughts on “Too much plywood

  1. Easy – I just wouldn’t bother processing everyone’s pay (apart from mine, of course), and I’d make my last working day the day before pay day… 😀

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