Too much?

I may have overdone it. We went to Montagu Springs in the morning – thoroughly recommended – did some dried fruit shopping (this was Montagu, after all) after that, and then dived in at a wine farm on the way home. But it was too hot to sleep last night. And because of that, following a busy day and followed by a busy day, I’m knackered.

The guest house was great, they had baboons in the front garden, but there was other good stuff about it too. The Springs were busy, but well run and a lot of fun. The wine farm was nearly closed, but they found time to give us a burger or five, some beer and some milkshakes (but actually no wine…) and the journey home was thankfully uneventful and surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

It’s been a really great weekend, but I’m completely broken.

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