Too close to home

Several emails and tweets asking why I am not blogging about the Luke Fairweather story.
It’s a reasonable question. Thanks for asking.

Occasionally  – just occasionally – there are topics which I would LOVE to blog about, but am unable to. These are generally specific and local issues which are linked somehow to what we in the blogging sector call “Real Life”.
One of the rules that I have laid down for myself and to which I still rigidly adhere is that my blogging must not negatively impinge on my “Real Life” or that of my family or friends (and relationships with those individuals).

The Luke Fairweather case is one of those times. Despite me having strong feelings on this story, Mr Fairweather and I shared a mutual friend (a regular reader, he claims) (and I have no reason to doubt him) and thus this one falls neatly into that “too close to home” category because my respect for my “Real Life” friends and their thoughts come ahead of airing my views on here.

There’s more on the Fairweather story from IOL here and a brilliantly concise, yet sensitive blog from Jacques Rousseau here.

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