Today’s run

Today’s run was made less fun by several things.
First up was a grumpy left foot/ankle, which was fine until it hit even the smallest of bumps in the road or on the trail, and was then grumpy. Nothing serious (I hope), and I’ll just be gentle with it for a couple of days.
Secondly, that blood donation on Tuesday afternoon. I have tried to keep well hydrated since, but I’ve had a headache since a couple of hours afterwards, which is unusual. I was sensible and had a full on rest day yesterday. But there just wasn’t the stamina that I would have liked this morning when I would have liked it. Which was also this morning.
Thirdly – and we’re really clutching at straws here after two genuine complaints – the environmental conditions. It was hot and “hanging”, as one person described it earlier, and the air is full of smoke from Pringle Bay.

Still, I went out there and did it, and now – following two nights of very late football action – I’m completely ready for bed.

It’s not even afternoon yet. :/