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It’s been a funny day. Due to my hard work on the public holiday yesterday, I found myself with a rare day off with a wife and some childcare.
We made the most of it, out for breakfast and shopping for a new car. I don’t want a new car particularly, but I do need a new car.

The current 6000mobile is getting on a bit and it’s starting to get to that point where it’s becoming false economy to keep it running. Additionally, it was bought in a previous era: living in the City Bowl and before the arrival of our kids. Things have changed and it’s suddenly small and impractical.
This car shoping is not something I enjoy either. It’s a lot of money and it’s being given to a salesman. I’ve spoken to a lot of them today and I’m frankly amazed at how many of them have first-hand knowledge of working for the company whose vehicle I am considering. What are the chances?
I’m not sure whether I should be impressed with their intimate knowledge or concerned about the evidently huge turnover of staff in the motor retail industry.

Tomorow will be more fun. No salesmen – just a desire to go out and look at the effects of the storm which arrived in the Cape earlier this evening.

Expect photos. 

6 thoughts on “Today &Tomorrow

  1. Hi 6000
    My old man went car shopping the other week too (tygerberg)…and came home with a Hyundai i10. He has had a lot of different cars over the years but reckons this is the best car he has had for years. Unfortunately it will be a little small for the 6000 clan but if the quality of the ‘baby’ of the family is anything to go by, its larger siblings must be worth a look.

  2. Gordon Matthews > It’s been fun, hey?

    AndyGladwish > Thanks for the advice. Had so many mixed reviews of the stuff we’re looking at. Regarding Hyundai, I was unimpressed with the Tucson, but the i35 is being pushed my way quite hard. :/

  3. The ix35 is ok but have a look at the Kia Sportage equivalent. Waiting list is pretty long though,

    Two more to consider are the Subaru Forester & the Nissan Qashqai

  4. I just bought a 2nd hand Toyota Corolla Verso 1.8TX. VERY nice family car with loads of space for all the paraphenalia 2 kids brings. Now I don’t know what fighting category you find yourself in, but if it extends to the kind of money those cost (new) then it’s well worth a look. In true Toyota fashion it’s probably a little overpriced, efficient at doing what it’s meant to, without ever being exciting while doing it.

    It’s also surprisingly frugal on the fuel consumption stakes, given its bulk. I got around 14km/l on the recent roadtrip from Joburg, and seem to be managing around 12 to 12.5 on my daily commute. That’s none too shabby for a 6 year old 1.4 ton 1.8. New ones will probably be even lighter on the juice.

    The other major plus factor that I found is that the back seat is so huge the kids can’t actually reach each other from their chairs. Which is almost always a good thing.

  5. Gary > Not buying new, but Mrs 6000 has a “family” car, so we’re looking more down the SUV route. Possibly.

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