Today, I saved a seagull

It’s the 5spesie in Agulhas this weekend, whereby anglers from all over the country converge and try to catch as many Belman, Galjoen, Kob, Musselcracker and White Steenbras as they can.
Sadly, they also leave the beaches in a terrible state, with beer bottles and fishing line everywhere.


This little guy – probably not even a year old – was tangled in a fisherman’s line and was slowly drowning as the tide came in. The angler in question wasn’t doing anything about it (I’m not quite sure what his medium term plan was, given that there was a seagull attached to his fishing rod), so it was left to me to wade out about twenty metres, get pecked a bit and bring the gull to the beach for some cutting loose.

Tomorrow, we’re back down there to do some more clearing of fishing line, bait bags and beer bottles. But hopefully no more seagulls.

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