Today, I bring you…

Those photos I was promising yesterday, via this link and including some (or more) startled ostriches:

And my oh my, how I still despise the new flickr.

Also, because 62 photos of my wonderful week away are probably not going to sate a desperate (come now, you must be if you’re still reading this) 6000 miles… audience, here are 21 amazing beach houses for my next trip away, via Buzzfeed.

grid-cell-20473-1372776337-2     grid-cell-20473-1372776338-5     grid-cell-20473-1372776338-8

While it’s unlikely that I’m going to turn any of the properties down were I offered them for mahala, I’m plumping for number 14 as my particular favourite.

Does it come with the motor launch thrown in? I’m thinking yes.

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