(Time) party time

As Stephen Hawking shuffles off this particular timeline and (possibly) onto one or many others, I was reminded of one of his more simple experiments: the party for time travellers.

Thing is, I’m not convinced that it even happened – or is going to happen.

Nowhere can I find any proof that this actually took place. I mean, it looks good and all, but (for example) why would the date be in that horrid month/day/year format? And why is only mentioned on clickbaity websites? (Although the Mail and the Express have also reported it, but they’re hardly known as paragons of veracity, now are they?) (And they likely got the scoop from… er… clickbaity websites.)

So, while the GPS checks out:

…and while I love the story, I won’t be convinced until I actually go to the party, knock back a glass or two of decent champagne and talk to the good Professor – all of which I have planned for next month, once my knee is better and I’ve completed the repairs on the DeLorean.

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