Time out

Today was all about family time and stepping away from the hate mail and threats from environMENTALists after the post that none of them read about stuff that none of them read. I’ll reply to the comments there tomorrow. The emails have already been discarded.

Sunset this evening was a nice one. So nice in fact, that I whipped out my X10i and grabbed a quick pic. But while it was lovely, it looks completely and utterly washed out when compared to this beauty I got in the Southern Cape last week.

Bigger here.
Unadultered by Picasa, Photoshop or any other adulterating software, I promise. Not even cropped.

Top class ‘togs will be looking at this and will obviously be in awe of the composition: silhouetted cottages on the left, fishermen and breaking waves on the right. However, while I’m more than happy to take the plaudits – it was I, after all, what pressed the button – I must admit that after looking into the sunset for several minutes (as I had been doing by that time), I was just pointing the camera vaguely in the direction of the big round orangey thing amid the smell of smouldering retinae.

Still, all’s well that ends well and you can see a few more sunset pics from that evening here.

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