This week’s posts summed up

Busy afternoon and evening ahead, but here’s a nice, concise round up of a couple of my posts from earlier in the week. Namely this one, and this one.


Sadly, the FA seem to have backed down on the One Love armband thing after threats by FIFA, whose corrupt clown boss “felt gay” just a couple of days ago. And that’s brought annoyance from some people in the UK, who have moved really quickly from “the armband thing is a poor show” through “England shouldn’t even be playing” to “Well football is awful and just should be banned anyway”.

If you thought FIFA were tone deaf…*

* you’d be right. my point is that so are these pearl clutchers.
the damage is done. the message has already been sent.
that it will inevitably fall on deaf ears is not England’s (or any other team’s) fault.