This too shall pass

I recognise that this is going to be blogged ad nauseum over the next month, but I’m still going to throw a post up (geddit?) on here because I think it’s brilliant.

Remember OK GO and their song Here It Goes Again back in 2006? No?

How about if I ask whether you remember the treadmill video song?
And yes, we’re back singing from the same duck row.

At the time, that video was new, fresh and hugely popular – it still is. Well, now OK GO have OK GOne and done it again with their latest video for This Too Shall Pass.

As report:

For nearly four minutes — captured in a single, unbroken camera shot — the machine rolls metal balls down tracks, swings sledgehammers, pours water, unfurls flags and drops a flock of umbrellas from the second story [sic], all perfectly synchronized with the song. A few gasp-inducing, grin-producing moments when the machine’s action lines up so perfectly, you can only shake your head in admiration at the creativity and precision of the builders.

The song?  Meh – I can take or leave it. But the video is an absolute work of art.

3 thoughts on “This too shall pass

  1. And I thought Mousetrap was complex!

    What always amazes me about things like this is how much effort has been put into setting the stunts up ~just so~. And, of course, the level of frustration when something doesn’t quite work in the last 15 seconds of the four minutes!
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