This. This. A million times this.

It’s like he’s reading from the (as yet unwritten) 6000 miles… manifesto.
Chas Newkey-Burden has nailed it here. Completely.

If you don’t like Facebook, why don’t you just leave?

Yes. Why don’t you? And here, I’m already beginning to repeat Chas’ thoughts, but if you don’t like that recent change they made to their UI, why not just delete your account? No-one is forcing you to be there. It’s not mandatory.

Just go.

The fact that a lot of complaining about Facebook takes place on Facebook has always had a dash of irony about it, particularly for those of us who still quite enjoy the platform and do not smash our fists against the screen if it slightly changes the hue of its background colour.

He’s talking about me there. I am always amused by people raging about Facebook… on Facebook. I tell them to demand a refund from Mark Zuckerberg. They seek revenge by sending me invites to Farmville.

People complain about Facebook as though it was a service they were forced to use, or were paying over the odds for. Nobody is making you use Facebook and humanity survived for thousands of years without it – so if you are that angry with it, why not just leave?

Ouch. That’s going to ring painfully true with some of my “Facebook friends”. You know who you are. Possibly, anyway.
All of which brings up another question, namely: Why am I still “friends” with these people? Well, the answer to that is that I’m not anymore. I’ve grown old, tired and cynical and I’ve memorised the quick route through to the ‘Unfriend’ button. It’s a pleasingly cathartic process.


Personally, I still enjoy a lot about Facebook… the site is like my office water cooler, somewhere to congregate for a bit of energising banter a few times a day. And if my office managers changed the colour of the water cooler, or used the water cooler for a bit of market research about its consumers, I imagine I would soon get over it, just as I have yet to feel like crying my eyes out over any of the ways Facebook has evolved over the years.

What have any of us got to fear from leaving? Being out of the loop? Good grief – wouldn’t you pay to be out of the loop of a fair amount of what’s on your Facebook feed?
Because let’s be honest: some Facebook posts are as annoying as hell. And no Facebook posts are more annoying than those that complain about Facebook.

Like I said, Chas Newkey-Burden has nailed it here.


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