This is how I remind me

Is it just the drugs, or when you get to my age, does your short term wotsit start to fail?
I find myself using words like wotsit instead of the specific noun I should have used – just like my grandmother used to do. Thingumie is only a short time away now. And from there I’ll start calling my auntie by my sister’s name* and then I’ll know I’m getting properly old.
But it’s not just speech. I have to start writing things down or I forget to do them – however important they may or may not be – and then I have to cross them off the list to remind myself that I’ve done them:

wash car
buy bread
charge ipod
 feed child 
write blog

If you’re in Cape Town, Brian Micklethwait’s Kings Cross sunset may help to jog your memory of drier, warmer times.

Always the sun? Not this weekend.

Ah yes. I remember those heady summer days. And while Brian laments the lack of clouds in his sunset, if he’s really desperate, we’ve got a fair few here which I’m very willing to export. So – in the somewhat unlikely event that there is anyone in the UK currently missing the cold, damp weather – just send me a email and I’ll happily arrange a courier.

But all in good time. Right now, I have to go and find out why my son is crying and clawing at the kitchen door.

* not in a Josef Fritzl way though.

10 thoughts on “This is how I remind me

  1. Ginormous Boobs – I found that once i was past the big three oh (and especially past the big three five) my subconscious surpressed everything to do with my age… If I have to know how old I am I now have to start from the year of my birth and work it out. Mrs Fleet is the same.

  2. hurray hurray…back at last;) lol…you sound like my parents…evrything is the whatsimicallit, and the thingy….tee hee hee

  3. ….of what I really am. It’s not like you to say sorry, I was waiting on a different story….

    tee hee…

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