Things I missed

I don’t want to get into the nitty ad the gritty of the royal family’s in-fighting. I don’t actually care about what they do, at all. The mud slinging is pathetic. The underlying tones on both sides are unpleasant, and the point scoring is petty. But I did see this earlier, and I need to just say that someone isn’t telling the whole truth.

It might be the cast member from The Lion King, it might be the Duchess of Sussex or it might be the journalist responsible for this pisspoor puff piece. I don’t know. But someone is lying.

I need to be absolutely clear here: I was elsewhere when Nelson Mandela was freed from prison (on February 11th 1990). But there are photos showing what that was like:

And while there may have been some people who were very happy about Ms Markle marrying into the royal family, I can categorically state that there was no rejoicing in the streets or packing of the Grand Parade just down the road “like when Mandela was freed from prison”.

That didn’t happen.

More like “The Lying King”, amirite?
Much like the D***y M**l version of the Fishhoek Shark Attack, it’s wildly – and likely deliberately -inaccurate.

Whomever is comparing Meghan with Nelson like this is lying, and actually – while I’m not taking any sides, as stated above – is actually being rather disrespectful while doing so.