They’re building my rocket

Here’s a picture I snapped in the traffic on the way to work yesterday.

Many of you will be thinking that I was trying to catch the slightly spooky mammatus clouds over Koeberg Interchange, juxtaposed against the startlingly bright peachy morning sky to the north.
But you’d only be partially correct.

No – this is to show readers that as part of the ongoing Koeberg Interchange revamp, the Province has finally bowed to my demands for a rocket in order that I don’t have to spend hours each day sitting in the traffic.
While the plebs will be stuck on the new bridge to the N1 (you can see one of the supports on the left), I will be launched in my rocket (under construction, right) to (hopefully) land near my destination in record time.

The only flaw in my otherwise brilliant plan is the election next week, at which it is widely expected that Helen Zille and the DA will capture the Western Cape. Their Transport, Public Works and Public Accounts bloke, Robin Carlisle, was on the radio last night saying that if the DA did win the Province, he would cut back on wasteful expenditure in roads and road-building projects.
I think some may feel that my rocket falls into that bracket.

Thus, I have instructed my workers to get a move on and finish it before next Wednesday. Blast off!

8 thoughts on “They’re building my rocket

  1. Robyn > You should see some of my ideas on expat voting. Apparently.
    Meh – you’ll be queuing up to use my rocket when your company moves to Durbanville.

  2. Your ideas on expat voting are sacrilege. Your ideas on how to get around Cape Town, timeless.

    Robin Carlisle? Isn’t he a cyclist?

    Emil´s last blog post was: Who remembers the Sinclair ZX-81? (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  3. Emil > My expat voting ideas are complete genius. Only the DA and VF+ think otherwise.
    Oh – and a few people whose biggest contribution to SA was to get on a plane to London.

    I don’t know if RC cycles. He has some interesting ideas on Chappies, like using it for more than bikes and runners.

  4. Funky clouds. I just had to write a comment from Hanoi so that I could say that I was writing a comment from Hanoi.

    I am in Hanoi, in case I forgot to mention it.

    Po´s last blog post was: Angry expat (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

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