They’re back…

Ah – the infamous and immortal words of little Heather O’Rourke playing little Carol-Anne in Poltergeist II.

But this is far less spooky. The guys from Silent UK are back – but this time, having been caught and prosecuted in the UK, they’ve gone Stateside!

For me, the adventures in London were over, my trump card used, as were my excuses. Yet something still remained, that desire to once again risk it all for that unique experience and reward. I know now that only one thing could cleanse that from my mind, and that’s death. I needed an outlet, some way to satisfy this desire but with London’s capital now off limits i was forced to look further afield. America.

In the States my slate was clean, although the consequences would still be unforgiving should i be caught, i felt safe in the knowledge the punishment wouldn’t bare the same damage multiplier the British justice system now reserves for me.

The posts relating to Silent UK were – and still are – some of the most popular on 6000 miles… and the photography is the big draw. Thankfully, it seems that despite the trans-Atlantic crossing, the quality has not suffered. So far, we’ve had some amazing images of a couple of airfields full of abandoned planes (here & here), together with some amazing images from the Manhattan Bridge:

Perhaps understandably, there is still some edginess:

It had been almost four months since i last crept through or climbed the unknown. The fear of legal repercussion grounding me, causing my inaction, the suffering forever engraved in my mind. It was something that i could not, and still have not shaken.

But it’s great to see some new stuff on the site and I hope that we see much more in the coming months.

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