They (we) hate us (them) for what we (they) did to them (us)

Following allegations from his wife that he only married her to stay in Canada, the Brandon Huntley saga rumbles on, with new allegations surfacing today that the “white” man that “blacks” love to hate may not actually be “white” at all. Which make his ongoing allegations that black people attack him simply because he is white seem even funnier.

A new study has revealed that Brandon Huntley, who has been granted asylum in Canada after claiming to have been attacked by blacks several times, is the new black. Or more precisely, the former Capetonian is the descendant of one Francina van der Kaap, a woman “of colour”, and more than half of his relatives are similarly coloured – in the verbal sense.

I don’t want to turn this into a racial thing – and I’d be far too late anyway, because Huntley turned it into a racial thing with his ridiculous claims in the first place – and the boundaries and definitions of race in South Africa are complex, clumsy and overused.

However, there is some good news for Huntley; now that it appears to have been shown that his roots are not as pale as previously thought, Julius Malema will surely be at OR Tambo International to welcome him “home” when he is finally deported.

4 thoughts on “They (we) hate us (them) for what we (they) did to them (us)

  1. I wonder if your favourite nut job will be back to comment on this… 😀

    Trouble is, if he *does* get deported, he definitely will attract some unwanted attention once he gets back… but let’s just hope he remembers to report those “attacks”, eh?
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Me, me, me meme! =-.

  2. OL > It would be funny.

    HH > No – I censor her too much. For everyone’s good.

    Delboy > Interesting – although not much detail. I guess individual cases would differ. As I have said all along in this case, my problem with it is the basis of the evidence which Huntley presented was wrong, misleading and untrue.
    If he does end up in the UK, I can get him hunted down. Contacts, you see?

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