There’s nothing worse than a wet braai

Not having a braai in the rain: that’s perfectly acceptable. When you need to braai, you need to braai and precipitation shouldn’t change that.
No – I mean having damp braai apparatus. They go rusty, they get that nasty ash-paste in the bottom and they won’t light. Hence the age old expression: You never cry when you have a dry braai.

All of which is why you need a braai cover.

Braai Covers: Essential

Note that you must buy the correct “specially shaped” cover for your braai. And that the Kettle option doesn’t protect your braai from rain or rust, but does feature the scratch protection option. Perfect.

When looking at “dated” photos from South Africa, it is important to note that one must add about 7 years from the date you think it is if you’re basing your estimate on the UK and about 4 years if you’re comparing with the US. Thus – my first guess was 1984-ish, but that was based on fashion in the UK, so I’m putting this at about 1991 in South Africa. 

All of which means that we might have decent broadband by 2016 and a great national football team by 1973. 


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8 thoughts on “There’s nothing worse than a wet braai

  1. Ja, ja you tune but can we talk about the crazy windbreakers that ALL English people feel the need to break out on the beach? And what is with the tents?

    You can tell South Africans are waaaaaay behind the times cos they haven’t figured out the idea of a “gazebo” braai. IT will revolutionise everything.
    .-= Po´s last blog ..Getting your five a day =-.

  2. We brought our braai over with us, because we had just bought it, and as we had a container, we just shoved it in there! At the moment it’s hibernating in the garage – I have a bag of brickettes, just waiting for another sunny day!

    The last time we had a sunny weekend, Husband couldn’t build up enough enthusiasm (too hot), and I ended up cooking the meat in the oven (I secretly think my husband is a wimp version of a South African man! 🙂 )
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Fascinating stuff! =-.

  3. Goblin > You could be right. But no visible Vibracrete, so equally, you could be wrong.

    Po > Tents are making an appearance on SA beaches now. And there’s SURELY a market for windbreaks in CPT.

    HH > Oi! I managed 3 braais while I was over there. You’re being too fussy!

    Delboy > Agreed. These are BBQs.

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