There Are Road Closures in Cape Town CBD This Weekend

So take note and spread the word.
Last week, the City of Cape Town sent out a press release warning people of roadworks at the lower end of the CBD over the weekend and telling motorists to expect delays when entering the city via the N1 or N2.

But, as is their wont, people took no notice of this press release, motorists got delayed and everyone got very annoyed and blamed the city for everything: the alarming rise in bird flu cases in south east Asia, the continuing absence of any decent peace deal in the Middle East, the reduction in NASA’s funding by the Obama administration and the fact that it took them 15 minutes extra to get into town last Saturday.

There is, of course, precedent for this: each year at the State Opening of Parliament – an annual event which is always well publicised well ahead of time – there is utter chaos as people who apparently live under a rock and routinely head into work wearing blinkers and avoiding any kind of media on a 24/7 basis, then whine as they caught up in an unexpected (to them) traffic jam.

Let’s not let that happen this weekend. Here’s the detail:

Intersection of Buitengracht and Walter Sisulu Avenue
Extensive road rehabilitation work will take place on the intersection of Buitengracht and Walter Sisulu Avenue.
Lanes will be closed from 19:00 on Friday 10 May 2013 until 06:00 on Monday 13 May 2013.

Lest we forget, Walter Sisulu Avenue is the “new” name for Coen Steytler Avenue. And, because we’re trying to help out those sort of people that wouldn’t know where Coen Steytler Avenue was anyway, it’s the road that runs along the side of the CTICC and is the first set of robots you get to coming into town via the elevated freeway.

There will be delays.
You have been warned.
Share the wealth.

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