The Umshini Wam Plan

Further information is coming out of the townships where xenophobic violence has erupted – namely that those individuals perpetrating the attacks on foreign nationals and immigrants have allegedly been singing Jacob Zuma’s infamous Umshini wam “theme” song. Cue another ZumaRuma™.

Zuma is unimpressed:

He said he had heard that people attacked others while singing the song Umshini wam.
“That is a serious matter, for that song belongs to the ANC, it doesn’t belong to unknown people.
The question is, who are those people who are misleading the public by singing an ANC song when they’re doing the wrong thing?”

Who indeed? I’m certainly confused. I could give you the shortlist* I’ve made up if you wish. Just ask.
But it’s brought a heap of somewhat unjustified criticism onto Zuma’s shoulders and has played right into the hands of his detractors.

Let’s get this perfectly clear and right out in the open – seriously – JZ is not personally responsible for the xenophobic attacks in Alexandra or anywhere else for that matter, is he?
Just because the person with the big stick is singing his song, that doesn’t mean that it’s actually him. If that were the case, I’d have been going around for the last 10 years wearing a wig and battering people while singing Sicky Dion’s My Heart Will Go On in a perfectly reasonable attempt to get her put away in a (preferably soundproof) (actually, preferably airproof too) cell.

It’s all getting a bit silly now. Stop trying to score cheap political points and sort this mess out.

Said shortlist does not contain the name of any fmous Holly wood actors. Or does it?

9 thoughts on “The Umshini Wam Plan

  1. I see rubber necklaces have made a return. Ironic really the refugees are there because of the ANC’s refusal to do anything about Mugabe. In fact using a SA naval ship to refuel the COSCO ship carrying chicom arms to Mugabe is probably a new low for these w*****s.

    Barnsley Bill’s last blog post was: The necklace returns. (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  2. Goblin – it is my life’s work. That and ridding the world of TB. All evil things must be destroyed, bacterial or Canadian.

    BB – I think that there’s a lot more to it than that. 2 Mozambicans were killed overnight – that has nothing to do with Bob or Zim. And the refuelling thing – mere rumour.

  3. Aaah yes,6K,I really dont understand what the fuss is about,its been going on for about a week and they’ve only killed about 25,going back to the famous Crime Blog post,and the normal 50 murdered per day on average,its hardly going to make a blip on the figures,is’nt it?
    Besides, the police services have been saying for years that its the illegal Mocambican and Zimbabwean immigrants who are responsible for the Hi-Jackings and armed home invasions, not to mention the daily cash in transit robberies.
    will be interesting to see wether there has been a decrease over this period.
    Hate to say it,but its only been noticed because its all on Camera.
    Ho Hum! Another day in Paradise.

  4. Canadian – 😆

    Paradise Lost, I say Daxk. Nice post, 6000. But Zuma cannot maintain a distance from his supporters in this. Does he truly believe that those singing the song has no affiliation to the ANC whatsoever?

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  5. @Emil: That’s almost as ridiculous as my Celine Dion plan. Seriously, if I go around killing people whilst humming God Save The Queen, does that mean that she’s directly responsible?
    The citizens of SA are free to vote for whichever political party they choose (however poor their options are) – therefore the parties themselves cannot be held responsible for the actions of individuals. Whatever those individuals’ musical tastes may be.

  6. HI 6K – NO! You misunderstood.

    I simply mean it is silly of Zuma to ask who this people are and to claim the song belongs to the ANC. That is hogwash. Nowhere do I blame Zuma or the Queen for anything whatsoever! It is interesting that Zuma sang that same song in defiance during his court struggles. I am a Zuma supporter – always has been, but that does not blind me from his miscalculations. To distance himself from the effect his song and defiance might have on disillusioned, frustrated and mainly unemployed criminals, is naieve. And to use it as a mechanism to undermine Zuma is as ridiculous as your Celine Dion plan. Zuma would do well to explain the current context of his song. And note, these ghastly people are not singing “God save the Queen”, but a particular song about using the machine gun.

    Let’s not start to talk about the malice done by mankind under the auspice of “God save the Queen.”

    I, for one, do not agree with Daxk and his/her stereotyping of South African society. He might as well come out and state that all foreigners are criminals and therefore deserve to burn in the street.

    Emil’s last blog post was: I need a break from South Africa (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  7. @Emil: I see where you are coming from. But as has been pointed out Zuma’s “Machine Giun” song is not one that should be taken literally – more a symbol of strength, struggle and resistance (like any anthem, I guess). It’s not about violence – it’s certainly not about xenophobia.
    I do agree with your views on how it could be misconstrued by some elements though. I still feel that says more about their mindset than his choice of theme song.
    But would this really all have been avoided if he had lost his fluffy bunny, rather than his machine gun?

  8. No, it would most likely have been the same course of action, with or without the song. But things from the past somehow always find a way to come and haunt you – and mostly out of context. And with a fluffy bunny he would be hard pressed to instigate change.

    Emil’s last blog post was: I need a break from South Africa (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

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