The Three Second Rule

Not to be confused with the Five Second Rule, this quote doesn’t relate to microbial contamination of fallen foodstuffs, but to pedestrians crossing roads.
But I guess that you could apply it to any task – or indeed any time period.

…it’s amazing how far you can travel in three seconds, if you know that three seconds is all that you have, but that you definitely do have three seconds.

That from Brian Micklethwait at Brian Micklethwait dot com, tangenting from the news that London buses will now tell you whether there are free seats upstairs when you get on them, useful to save your legs up the stairs, sure, but moreover:

The technology “saves that ever-so-English embarrassment of going upstairs, popping your head up like a meerkat at the top of the stairs for a look around, only to come back down again”


Now all they need to do is find technological solutions to these other problems too.

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