The Real Thing

This was going to be a post about the cricket, but even though England are spanking the Aussies (or maybe because of it), that would only entertain a small percentage of my viewing public.
Then it was going to be a Youtube music video quota post. But the song in question (which I saw on MTV earlier this evening) was horribly cheesy and was only saved by the (impressive) totty quotient in the video.
Unfortunately, that particular version of the video is not available on Youtube. Which is a good thing actually, because the song really was VERY cheesy and now I know to steer clear. You can guess, but you’ll never get it. And I’ll never tell.

But that did leave me with a bit of a quandry. Because I have to post something here.
So step forward, ex-Buckinghamshire bathroom fitting business owner, Antonio Carmine Di Bartolomeo.
That’s where I’ve always found my inspiration for blog posts previously, anyway (not to mention for those tough-to-tile areas).

Yes, you and I know him as Toni di Bart and this is his magnificent number one single The Real Thing from 1994, conjuring up memories of Madison’s nightclub in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on a Monday evening and a stinking hangover for 9 o’clock Biochemistry lectures on Tuesday morning. Which might explain why I hate Biochemistry so much. Or it could be that it’s a pointless, dull and irritating branch science which requires no skill whatsoever. Who knows?

The video above, as far as I remember, won the 1994 award for Best video with a floppy haired bloke wearing a suit made from some curtains filmed near the coast in a Mediterranean landscape. And remember that this was 1994, so the competition was probably tougher than you might initially imagine. I could listen to this song all night, interspersed with a bit of What Is Love? by Haddaway, UR The Best Thing by D:ream and Carry Me Home by Gloworm.

The Awesome One Hit Wonders of throwaway dance music. Happy Days.

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