The Planets Bend Between Us

Not literally, obviously. That would surely indicate personal possession of some sort of massive gravitational force by both you and I.
I find that idea almost laughable, since I gave up having an orbiting celestial body a long time ago.

Unless you know something I don’t?

No – remember just one month ago, when the grass was brown, the skies were blue and Snow Patrol (amongst others) came to entertain us in South Africa? Well, while they were here doing CokeZeroFest and opening the IPL at Newlands, they also filmed their new video for The Planets Bend Between Us.
Cape Town fundi’s will recognise Bo Kaap, the broken freeway and possibly other more generic Cape Town venues, all beautifully presented and then vandalised and/or torn up by a terrifyingly large pair of hands.

I happen to know that Snow Patrol’s lead singer Gary Lightbody does actually possess a massive gravitational force. That’s why every time he sticks his arms up in the air, the city rotates around him. Thankfully, he is a Rochdale FC fan and therefore doesn’t get to stick his arms up in the air very often. Gary also likes watching vintage episodes of Airwolf and eating grapes.
Thus ends my list of fake Gary Lightbody facts. If you have any of your own, please let me know by commenting below.

Or maybe you should just enjoy the video and the song.

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