The outside world

I have noticed (and I’m sure that you have too, looking at reader figures, lol), that a disproportionate number of recent posts have been all about me (me, me). I don’t really have any problem with this, because my most important reader is me (me, me), but this isn’t a decision that I have made: it’s just something that has happened.

Why? Well, two reasons mainly. Firstly, I have been so busy lately that I haven’t really noticed anything else that’s been going on in the outside world. But I’ve told you all about that ad nauseum. And then, when there is time to look at what’s been going on in the outside world, well, why would you want to?

There’s very little encouraging news out there at the moment.

If it’s not war in Ukraine, famine in Eritrea, potential terrorist attacks in [checks notes] Johannesburg(!?!), global fiscal meltdown or the Loud Mouth Space Wanker taking over Twitter, it’s probably something equally depressing like wild conspiracy theories about Covid vaccine side-effects. (Always remember.)

Brushing this stuff under the carpet by simply ignoring it doesn’t solve any of those problems, but then neither does having them thrust in your face by news sites, and being reminded that everything is going to hell in a handbag and all the gory details therein does nothing (or everything, depending on how you want to look at it) for your existential dread.

And so sometimes it’s better to bury one’s head in the sand of lists of jobs, taxiing kids around, and the daily mundanities of one’s own life, rather than having to endure constant reminders of all the crap going on out there.

Thus, I shall probably continue doing just that. Sorry, not sorry.

UPDATE: It’s October 31st, and apparently someone agrees with my sentiments…