The most useless QR code in the world

I know that a lot of people think that all QR codes are useless, but I’m not quite sure why they feel that way.
As with most things, if used properly – sensibly – they can be really useful.

This one doesn’t fall into that category though. It’s at Bramall Lane, in front of the John Street stand:


See it there? How is anyone supposed to scan that?
What? You can’t see it? Let me help you out by zooming in:


I put the arrow there. Just in case you were still struggling. All part of the service.

I was (obviously) sitting in the stand opposite and I could hardly read the advert, let alone take a photo of the QR code with my phone. 
As far as I could see, it was an ad for a Mercedes dealership in Sheffield. (This one, I think).
And I bet they get more hits from the link above than they do from that QR code.

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