The Joy of Rusk

Alex Comfort may have written the original love-making manual in The Joy of Sex back in 1972, but I doubt that he has ever brought as much pleasure to anyone as K-pu’s first rusk brought to her this afternoon.

For the record, we went with Bokomo Plain Sliced Rusks: small enough for tiny fingers, but big enough to satisfy, even though it only really got sucked to sogginess. And more alarmingly, having just checked the box, packed full of 9 different E-numbers. Although why they’re not A-numbers over here, I don’t know. 
Didn’t seem to bother the little one though; check these out (probably my cutest Flickr set to date).

And then I shall slurp this side

From here, it is surely only a small jump onto the important adult foods: pizza, curry and curry.

12 thoughts on “The Joy of Rusk

  1. Rusks are the most important adult food ever.

    If there is one thing I truly miss about South Africa, it is rusks. I remember when I was fresh off the boat in the UK asking friends if they ate rusks. They all looked at me funny and directed me to the baby section of Tescos where they sold some squishy baby biscuit. Yeuk.

    Too cute!

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  2. As it happens, we had our first rusk in years too, today. My favourite SAfrican shop was opening another branch, and we paid a visit. We happened to spot various flavours of “Ouma’s Rusks”, and we decided to try the “Condensed Milk” variety – I’m pretty sure that wasn’t around when I was last living in South Africa!!

    Not sure how many E numbers Ouma’s has – whatever happened to Farleys – isn’t that the choice of rusk for young gums?

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  3. Nonsensical > Indeed. But one step at a time. 🙂

    Po > Rusks are wholly over-rated – unless you’re a small child. And bloody expensive, too – whoever you are.

    HH > Not seen Farley’s over here. Ouma’s rusks are too big for her hands though. It would be like you or I trying to eat a bit of Stonehenge.

    OL > Owch! Spitting image of yours truly, though, I’m afraid! 😉

    Goblin > As are 4 of the other 5 pics. The only one that isn’t, is her looking a bit worried when her brother threatened rusk-stealage.

  4. Ambrosial! Charming and adorable. I have someone to introduce her to. He turns two in April 😆

  5. Emil > I’m going to have to practice my protective father stuff first.
    “Isn’t he a bit old for you?!?”

  6. What about at the expat shop? Would you like me to send you some? 🙂 And not all the rusks in the Ouma’s box are huge, but point taken! I remember giving my son Boudoir biscuits too… yummy “fingers”!!

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