The Favourite Restaurant Quandary

You know when you have a favourite place to eat out? It might be somewhere you treat yourself to once every few weeks or even months.
You might go there most every day.

Bihari in Newlands is my one of those. Sadly, I can’t afford the time, the financial outlay or the likely detrimental effect on my health and weight to eat there every day. But if I could, of course, I would.

We were there this week and the chicken jal frezi was better than ever. And I can say this with great confidence, because I never order anything else when I go there. I can’t, because then I would be missing out on the chicken jal frezi. And how could anything be better than the chicken jal frezi?

Well, I suppose it could, but I will never know, because I will never take that risk.

It seems somewhat sad to never try anything else there, but I never will. However, it’s the only place where I’m like this. Even at other restaurants where I have really enjoyed my meal, the next time I go back I will try something else. But not at Bihari.

Thursday night’s chicken jal frezi was sublime and did nothing to change my approach. In fact, if anything, it merely cemented the dish as my all-time go-to curry there. But even if it hadn’t been as good as usual, next time’s chicken jal frezi would have made everything better.

Take my advice. Go to Bihari. Have the chicken jal frezi.

Then do it again.

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