The dream is dying

Things are looking bad. Very bad.

The beauty and rediscovered novelty of the snow has given way to the practicalities of travel and the implications of not being able to get to where I need to be.
As I write, there are blizzard conditions outside, adding to the (at least) 16″ of snow on the ground already. Locally, the roads are all closed, deep in snow and transport is at an absolute standstill. These are exceptional conditions, even for Sheffield.  And in the midst of all this, I have to get to the station and try and find my way to Gloucester for the next leg of my journey. But that’s not going to be possible – I’m just not able to get anywhere at the moment: it really is that bad. And so, I’m going to make a big push to walk the 5 miles to Sheffield station towing a 23kg suitcase on a sledge: and get to London.

And even when I do that, Gatwick airport is closed.

But I need to do my bit: there’s no point my being anywhere but Gatwick if they should reopen before my flight is due to leave.

I’m depressed, a litte worried about heading out in these conditions and resigned to the fact that this isn’t going to happen. So, if it does, then I’m all smiles.

Photos from yesterday are going up on flickr as I write.

And now, I am just going outside and may be some time.

6 thoughts on “The dream is dying

  1. Sh*t… just heard that LGW airport is closed until 6am tomorrow… when is your flight? I know you’ve been looking forward for just under a year, so I really, really hope you get so see their LH concert!! 🙂 *Hugs from down Bristol way*

  2. Gutted! We can’t cope here…although it is plainly evident that some places cope better than others…take note Gatwick…man, you must feel 50 times worse than me…speak soon

  3. Gatwick re-opens tomorrow morning.

    It has stopped snowing here (8 miles north of Gatwick) for the time being.

    The chances are improving.

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