The bobsforgood post

I had some business down on the Waterfront this lunchtime and my visit happened to coincide with the 2oceansvibe live webcast from Bob Skinstad’s cell in the Barrow Court.

In case you’ve been living under a stone for the past few days, let me explain.
Ex-Springbok rugby player Bob Skinstad has locked himself up for a week to raise funds for his charity, the bobsforgood Foundation. bobsforgood is all about putting shoes on the feet of the 7 million South African children who go to school each day without shoes. That’s 14 million shoes. (I can like to be good at maths.)
So, as the poster says:

Today you can help our local sports hero, Bob Skinstad and his bobsforgood Foundation raise ‘bail’ money that will be used to put school shoes on the feet of underprivileged children across South Africa.

And they’re right – you can. Like this:

I also grabbed a few shots of the infamous Seth Rotherham hard at work in the cell with Bob. Seth is shorter than you might imagine. And he’s not very tall either.
He was mainly busy leaping about from laptop to laptop, presumably sating the needs of Cape Town and South Africa (not to mention the not inconsiderable international contingent) to ‘live the holiday’.


At one point,  he obviously detected the scent of another blogger and uttered a low growling sound – I guess it was a territorial thing.
Shoppers all around the mall stopped and there was a moment of worrying silence as he glared straight at me. Somewhere, a pin clattered to the floor. But just then a chick in a short skirt wandered past and his attention wandered off with her.
The mall breathed a collective sigh of relief.
Perhaps, Highlander-style, there can be only one, but there was to be no fight today (and just as well for Seth, since I am known to be pretty amazing with my sword and he was stuck in faux prison cell anyway) and two of the more famous names in Cape Town blogging lived to fight another day.

As recompense for the brief stalking and in recognition of a good cause, 6000 miles… has donated R250 to the bobsforgood foundation and we urge our readers to help make a difference as well.

11 thoughts on “The bobsforgood post

  1. kids in the boland go to school everyday without shoes, on purpose. they LOVE going barefoot.

    in all seriousness, is he sleeping in the “cell” ? that would be awesome.
    .-= diana´s last blog ..happy pancake day =-.

  2. diana > I’m sure they do. But I think Bob’s is a worthy cause. Winter is approaching and the fun may well wear off.
    Is he sleeping in there? Yes – he’s got a little bed at the back.
    No loo, I noted.
    I didn’t check for a bucket. Perhaps I should have done.

  3. I would, if I could. But I can’t, so I shan’t. But thanks to one of Cape Town’s top bloggers for letting me know.

    PS. Is this top blogger thing official? Is there somewhere I can go and check? Sort of like a Top 40 count-down chart, which changes every Sunday? 😉

  4. HH > Many would name 2OV as the top Cape Town blog. Almost certainly on numbers. And he cleaned up at last year’s SA Blog Awards.
    But then he’s a full time blogger. It’s his job.
    Hmm. I guess it depends if your like quantity or quality. 😉

  5. Oooo… now usually, I’m all for quality… but sometimes, just sometimes, quantity gets a look-in. How do I choose?? 😀

    PS. It’s never a good thing to keep a girl waiting, you know! 😉
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Pipped to the post =-.

  6. Nice one Bob!! One man can make a difference after all. Good on you! Will seek out your charity when next in SA.

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