The best way to keep your word…

…is not to give it.

And yesterday, I did promise an end to the short blog posts and a return to something of normality. And then today happened.

Today wasn’t great.

Today was very busy and full of people letting me down left, right and centre. The dreaded South African customer service strikes again. Our daughter also got sent home from school, sick. [sad face]
Thus, it’s gone half past eight before I’ve even thought about having time to write stuff. And even now I’m having to get up and look after the dog because there’s an SAAF Oryx helicopter doing bumps and runs at 2 Military Hospital just down the road and it came over so low that it almost took my chimney off and blew the puppy away. Seriously. I just collected it from the garage roof.
It’s just been one of those days.

Talking of the dog, it hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory of late, either. It has covered itself with soil from underneath my lawn though. Repeatedly. But every cloud has a silver lining, and that silver lining looks likely to shine on one of the readers of 6000 miles… Should another hole “mysteriously” appear in the garden*, I will be offering a one-of-a-kind, bespoke Beagle-skin waistcoat (it won’t stretch to a full jacket, I don’t think) to a competition winner picked at random from my readership. I may even commission a silver lining, literally.

The rest of the week looks frankly terrifying equally busy, but I have high hopes and expectations of getting some decent blogging done in between the disasters and the loadshedding.


* PRO TIP: They’re not mysterious at all – the beagle is digging them.

7 thoughts on “The best way to keep your word…

  1. Sneaky tip: while you can’t stop the dog digging you can control *where* it digs. Takes a bit of vigilance though. Pick a spot where it’s ok to dig & bury some treats/toys. If the dog is spotted digging anywhere else, firm reprimand and lead her across to the accepted spot. Repeat. Good luck 😉

    [And what’s with that blasted helicopter? JZ isn’t in town, is he?]

  2. Rich > Thanks for the advice. However, there must be no digging. I do have an alternative plan in place should digging continue to occur; it involves a very good tailor I have discovered in the back streets of Woodstock.
    The helicopter was low and loud. I almost had to scrape the dog up off the lawn on the second pass.

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