The best Hello

Oh. Hello.

I touched upon Adele’s Hello earlier in the week, and while playing the original version for my daughter on Simfy, something went horribly wrong and I now have Adele as my cellphone screen backdrop, with a constant popup, constantly popped up on there, imploring me to play it again.


Aside from Adele, many other artists have done songs called Hello: Lionel “Richtea” Ritchie in 1984, Shakespear’s Sister in 1992, Evanescence in 2003Martin Solveig in 2011 – ably covered by Laura Vane and the Vipertones here – and, of course, Elegance Osamu Fukuyama with her… his… their… whatever… its hit – which was Big In Japan, reaching number 1 there for a whole week in February 1995.

My favourite though? The best Hello?
The INXS, Jesus Jones, EMF-esque tone of The Beloved, from back in 1990:

Where else could you hear names as diverse as Desmond Tutu and Vince Hilaire, The London Symphony Orchestra and Charlie Brown mentioned in a single 4 minute song?

Probably best known for Sweet Harmony (and that video), a number 8 in the UK in 1993, and 1989/90’s The Sun Rising – The Beloved was the male version of St Etienne, had an equally unjustified lack of success, but left us with some wonderful archetypal early 90’s UK Indie memories.

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