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Incoming from Reflex (thanks!), probably relating to this:

Was just wondering if you were going to pick up on this BBC news story

Well, I would just like to make it absolutely and abundantly clear from the outset, that I am in no way condoning this foolish, irresponsible and annoying behaviour:

Police are investigating after carpet tacks were spread across roads bringing a major cycle race to a halt.

More than 3,500 people were taking part in the Etape Caledonia, over 81 miles around Pitlochry in Perthshire.
It is the only cycle event in Britain where all the roads travelled on are closed – which has angered some locals.
Tacks were strewn on a section of the race, bursting hundreds of tyres. Police said it was a reckless act and it was fortunate no-one was hurt.

I am appalled that something so disruptive should have happened to so many people in such a beautiful part of Scotland and I can only sympathise with those people who were so very inconvenienced. It is an absolute disgrace that this sort of thing should be allowed to happen and I really hope that it doesn’t occur again next year.

Just to clarify – I’m obviously referring to them shutting the roads for the cycle race, not for the nail strewage (which was obviously very naughty but extremely amusing). 
Perhaps I can advise the Police to start their search for the saboteur at the local DVD rental store by asking if anyone has been regularly borrowing the box set of Wacky Races…

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  1. OL > 6000 miles… has always been more than a one trick pony.
    I prefer to see it as a multi-faceted guide to life, with advice on everything from kids through football, women, politics and now, large cycle race sabotage.

  2. How odd that I thought of you when reading this news story Mr 6k! And by thinking of you I meant your dislike of closing public roads for the purpose of cyclists

    Wiggy´s last blog post was: Getting lost in work (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  3. You know, I’m really starting to get the impression that you dislike cyclists or something, don’t know why.

    I am starting to agree with you. Cyclists in Oxford are a health hazard! They don’t even pretend to follow the rules of the road. I have more chance of dying by cyclist altercation than by any other means in Oxford. Luckily the drivers are exceedingly aware and on the ball.

    The worst part is that I am considering becoming one of them.

  4. Wiggy > I’m shocked. Am I gaining a little bit of a reputation for this?

    Po > I was a cyclist for 9 years in Oxford. But I obeyed the rules of the road. Weird, ot knocked off my bike 6 times during those 9 years and was once stopped by the police for “cycling furiously”, which is against some by-law or other (probably the “cycling furiously” by-law) in Oxford. Meh – I was only doing 35mph (in a cycle lane)…

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