That quote, immortalised

Those of you who follow me on twitter or have befriended me on facebook may have heard mention of this yesterday evening, but those media are transient and temporary, whereas this blog has delusions of permanence about itself.
And that’s why I’m putting this up here; so that in years to come, I can return to this place, see it again and have a(nother) little giggle.

It happened while I was bathing the kids last night. We’d just watched the International Space Station pass over Cape Town (something that the kids love) and we were talking about why the space shuttle was up there, attached to the ISS, and what it was doing.

It was then that Alex came out with that quote:

Dad, how come you know everything and Mum doesn’t?

It took a couple of seconds to register and then I had to walk to the bathroom door to quietly guffaw until I cried. I was met there by my wife, who had also heard what her son had to say as she was coming up the stairs, and had that “Don’t you dare say anything” look on her face. Not that I could have talked anyway – I was creased from laughing.

The kids spent this morning watching some spectacular images on the NASA streaming video feed as the shuttle undocked from the ISS for the last time. I spent the morning getting emails about how much bandwidth I was using.

And knowing everything, obviously.

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  1. I can sense the immense pride in that little comment all the way over here in the UK. How long you can milk it before a spade or some other blunt object strikes your cranium is the question tho

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