That Nokia SMS tone is hard to find

You know the one that you used to have on your 3310: the DeDeDe-DerDer-DeDeDe one. The one which is actually Morse code for SMS.
In a moment of nostalgia, my Dad asked me to find it for his new Samsung. But it was a whole lot more difficult than I imagined. Too many crappy remixes and too much false advertising in the murky world of internet ringtone marketing sites.
And then there was this Soundcloud page, with all the old Nokia ringtones on (but not the Morse code SMS tone), which delayed us for another fifteen minutes (but those memories!).

Anyway, we finally found a copy, and as soon as I am near a decent uploading platform (tomorrow), I will share it on here. ‘TIS DONE – DOWNLOAD IT HERE! All new and shiny and cleaned up a bit as well!

Meanwhile, if you’re in or around Sheffield and you hear that olde worlde DeDeDe-DerDer-DeDeDe sound, it’s probably just my Dad being a bit of a hipster.

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