That lifestyle though…

Apparently, it’s been a year since photographer/videographer Peter McKinnon became Youtuber Peter McKinnon. And while there are many individuals with far higher follower counts on that platform, it seems to me (at least as one of his 1.8 million followers) that there surely can’t be too many of them who are as genuine, down to earth and just plain “nice” as he is.

Here’s his short review of his first year on Youtube:

I love the shoes motif. The excitement of new beginnings, but safely protecting the old memories.

So here’s to another year of adventure, exploration, seeing the world, staying grounded, staying motivated, staying happy…

I’ve always been good at staying grounded, (mostly) motivated and (generally) happy. It’s the other bits I need to work on.

But if the rewards of these attributes are basically jetting around the world and taking amazing photos, I’m willing give it a go.

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