Thanks Akismet

This message on the dashboard of your favourite blog this morning:

Akismet has protected your site from 100,717 spam comments already.

And already, despite a clear out:

There are 105 comments in your spam queue right now.

Akismet isn’t perfect. Either that or the spammers are getting more cunning. Here are two examples that slipped through this week, firstly from “free medication help”:

Hello, i believe that i saw you visited my web site thus i came to go back the want?

Which is obviously better English than what you want usual get on this blog the want.

And another one, unremarkable in content, but rather for the “name” of the sender, which was:

Regardless of your better efforts, everyone may ultimately get some good kind of a zit. Rather than taking this (this distributes the viruses and also oils inside the zit all around) try out putting toothpaste on it. The actual tooth paste works to absorb

The link attached took me to an online sex shop in Poland, which has some spectacular deals on at the moment. However, most of the spam that I get is far less useful. And (obviously), if I din’t have Akismet, I wouldn’t be able to do blogging here on  6000 miles… as I’d be too busy deleting spam comments.

So, thanks Akismet.

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