Test drive

What with one thing and another, but mainly just one thing, I never got around to uploading those photos from yesterday and so, no, you can’t see them.

I did test my new RunMix 02 today. It was a weird run.
Usually, when I’m getting tired, I tell my legs that I want them to keep going and then they keep going. This morning, they were being totally ungovernable. I was unimpressed.

I also discovered that running while listening to music can be quite dangerous. Not the whole “you might not hear a car coming” thing – I mean, how’s that going to help you anyway? I’d rather not know I’m going to die. Horribly. Under the wheels of an ageing Toyota Corolla.

No, the danger comes when you’re heading downhill (steep downhill) and Muse’s Map of the Problematique comes on. I couldn’t slow down. Does the 60kph speed limit only apply to vehicles? I could have stuck that song on repeat and run forever.

So here’s my question for you – what other songs will give me that feeling?

I sense a sub-10 minute Two Oceans coming up in 2013…

5 thoughts on “Test drive

  1. Never run with my earphones on, (because of the car thing) but on the exercise bike born slippy, or anything by Lady Gaga does it for me.

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