Telegraph likes De Hoop

Just dropping this (rather dated, but still) article from the Telegraph (UK)about De Hoop Nature Reserve in here.

With so many whales on display, where are the people? There are only a handful of us at Koppie Alleen (an area surrounded by massive dunes and the best place to view the whales) and earlier we drove through the park without seeing another soul for hours.

“Most tourists go to the town of Hermanus to see whales,” explains De Hoop’s assistant manager Sebastien Jones, who attributes some of the town’s success to its extensive marketing campaigns and proximity to Cape Town. “But while the tourists go to Hermanus, the people from Hermanus know to come here to watch the whales,” he adds.

Those readers blessed with pachydermesque memories will probably recall that Koppie Alleen was the subject of this blog post earlier in the year.

There are apparently A LOT of whales about this year, which will please my mum no end, as she likes whales.

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