Team GB

But probably not the one you’re thinking about.

It’s been a busy weekend, but we still found time to finally make that ginger beer that we’ve been promising to make since… well… ages. And it is delicious.
We used this recipe from the Scrumptious blog and the kids had a whale of a time zesting lemons, stirring buckets of ingredients and helping to bottle the stuff before bedtime.

This morning – happy to note that none of our bottles had exploded overnight – I released the pressure before sticking them in the fridge and going and running around on a football pitch for an hour or more. When I came back, the young workers popped one open and: wow.
The ginger is actually rather understated, but as a refreshing lemonade-style drink, it’s an absolute winner. Almost half of our 5 litre stash has gone already. I suspect that the remaining 50% will struggle to make Tuesday.

In short, it’s simple and it’s delicious. An absolute must for summer.

6 thoughts on “Team GB

  1. Thanks for this, and for putting your faith in my recipe. Re: the gingeriness. Did you use both fresh and dried ginger? I find that a combination products the best flavour. Best, Jane-Anne.

  2. Jane-Anne Hobbs > Thanks for sharing. We did use both. The lack of gingeriness isn’t an issue as Mrs 6000 doesn’t even like ginger and the kids won’t drink anything “too burny”.

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