Teacher fired over penis piercing

Yes. Really.

Not because he has one, but because he apparently took three boys from his school to get one done as well. And then had his done while they watched.

The Gauteng education department welcomed a decision by a high school in Pretoria to fire a teacher who allegedly took pupils to have their penises pierced.

“No school or teacher is allowed to do that”


The teacher reportedly took three teenage boys for piercing. He also reportedly had his own penis pierced in front of the pupils and gave the boys penis-shaped pasta.

Well, I hope it was al denté.

The teacher was also reportedly a member of a well-known Afrikaans folk group.

To be honest, this fact alone should have encouraged the authorities to take disciplinary action long before the piercing incident.

4 thoughts on “Teacher fired over penis piercing

  1. richardatuct > Hopefully, yes. I think the bit about it being their genitals as well was kinda just the icing on the cake.

  2. @richardatuct. So you wouldn’t have an issue with a teacher or any other random person taking your children for piercings and tattoos (he also took “a n other” child for a tattoo).

    I would have tattooed his eyeballs with a baseball bat if he took one of my children for a tattoo..
    As for him prancing around naked in a change room full of fifteen year old boys? WTF!
    I suppose he was part of helping these young boys to explore their sexuality, which, apparently is a good thing. We wouldn’t want them to grow up as “narrow minded” heterosexuals now would we?

  3. @pearson: My first thought upon reading this article was to remember my time in an all boys, boarding high school, and the close relationships I developed with some of the younger teachers. Inappropriate or not, I could completely imagine a circumstance where something similar could have occurred at my school, which might only have been deemed inappropriate in retrospect.

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