Taking a chance?

We’re going away on Tuesday. Regular readers already know all about that.

Now, traditionally, when we’re about to go away, something bad usually happens. Not like a death or anything. Just something awkward and last minute that needs sorting before we leave.

An annoyance.

This year, I was onto it. I spotted the big branch about to fall onto the braai and I put in a pre-emptive strike and got it out of the way. I even went as far as taking down another slightly suspect one. Not on my watch, buster.

But then, as I began to dismantle and dismember the branches, the garden gate broke. So maybe the branch thing was just a red herring. Anyway, I fixed the gate as well.

Then I went to gym and, during a very energetic workout, smacked myself in the chin with a 12kg kettlebell. That’s going to leave a mark.

Haven’t I already been tested enough?

Probably, but then… then I got an invitation to play in a friendly football match on Sunday.

Hmm. The last time I played in a friendly football match on a Sunday – against the same opposition – this happened:

Lightning cannot strike twice, right?

And anyway, the pre-rip test was surely the branch or the gate, wasn’t it?

I’m signing up.
I’m playing.
I’m exorcising some demons.