Take The Long Road And Walk It

Ah – The Music. This’ll wake you up on a Monday morning (which – according to my rudimentary calculations – is when most of you will be reading this post).

I stumbled across the music of The Music back in 2001 when, somehow having some spare cash, I puchased a hazy escape from real life by buying their charmingly-entitled You Might As Well Try To **** Me EP. That, I believe is something of a collectors item right now.
Anyway, this song comes from the following year:

and I bring it to you today because tomorrow, The Music’s Singles & EPs 2001-2005 album is released.

Eagle-eyed viewers may note that lead singer Robert Harvey appears on The Streets’ single If You’re Going Through Hell, which in turn appeared on this blog earlier this month.

And might I also recommend their 2008 single Drugs for a cool Verve meets Depeche Mode kinda vibe?

2 thoughts on “Take The Long Road And Walk It

  1. For a moment I thought this was going to be about those “inspiring” whisk(e)y adverts that are on at the moment.

    To be fair though, with my 384 Kbps net speed at the moment, trying to listen to/watch the above does feel a bit like walking the long road (with a stutterer as a travel companion).

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